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Crop Production

Hear the untold stories from farmers instrumental to the crop cultivation of the fresh foods and textiles we enjoy daily. From citrus growers to potato farmers, berry pickers to grain harvesters, this episode covers the major crops grown in the United States.


Farm Machinery

Tractors, combines, irrigation systems, planters, tillage, grain harvesters, balers, cutters, shredders, fertilizer sprayers, and seed spreaders are just some of the farm equipment manufactured by our featured guests in this episode. These companies offer revolutionary technologies to better the life of the American Farmer.


Livestock Health & Nutrition

Learn about new and innovative products that are improving the health and nutrition of farm animals. With advancements in technology, industry leaders are continually working on creating products and ideas that benefit both, farmers and their livestock.


Precision Agriculture

American Farmer explores industry leaders on the cutting edge of farming management– optimizing crop production and reducing environmental impacts through new satellite and GPS technologies and more.


Sustainable Agriculture

Now, more than ever, we are in need of new ways to increase productivity of farming and create a more sustainable and environmentally compatible way of life. American Farmer features the latest advancements in sustainable agriculture production and is devoted to exploring the latest developments in renewable energy, sustainable living, and technologies that help to create a positive impact on the environment.